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Message from our CEO


We designed our Ethics and Compliance Program to promote an organizational culture that fosters integrity and transparency across our operations, in line with our company core values and the law.

GMD conducts its business in a proper, fair, impartial, and ethical manner. We work with customers and partners who share our values and Code of Ethics.

At GMD, we are committed to our Core Values and operate in accordance with our Code of Ethics.

The GMD Commitments


GMD is an organization that purposefully fights corruption, obscurity, and acts that violate the spirit of our company’s Code and values.

We maintain impeccable conduct and operate under a culture of ethics before our suppliers, customers, government entities, partners, and the community, where there is no room for fraudulent or dishonest activities.


A Public Commitment to Uphold the Law

We collaborate with the relevant authorities for the performance of their duties and act in accordance with the law in a friendly and respectful manner.

We address their requirements and observations with diligence and efficiency so they can perform within the powers granted to them by law.

Bribery Policy

All of our negotiations must be carried out in a fair and transparent manner, ensuring the prevention of corrupt practices and compliance with all applicable laws.

Our company strictly prohibits participation, orders, authorizations, promises, conspiracy, solicitations, or assistance to engage in corrupt practices, either directly or through third parties.

Gifts Policy

Our policy clearly stipulates that employees are not allowed to accept gifts with a value exceeding 2% of their base salary, special treatment, trips, commissions, or any other type of compensation designed to influence a business decision.

Employees are also prohibited from offering the possibility of obtaining undue advantages or unlawful benefits of any type in our relationships with customers, suppliers, financial institutions, concessionaires, contractors, companies, authorities, or government representatives or any person or entity with whom we do business.

Ethics and Compliance

Ethics and Compliance Program

In order to ensure that all GMD employees incorporate integrity — one of our core values — and ethical practices into their work lives, they must satisfactorily complete the GMD Ethics and Compliance Workshop.

  See program

Ethics and Compliance Committee

We have a committee that tracks compliance with our Code of Ethics. It also receives information and claims submitted by employees, customers, suppliers, and residents in our community or with respect to our projects.

Reporting Mechanisms

Anonymous Reporting Line: 800-248-0048

Dialing this number immediately transfers callers to a voicemail box so they can leave an anonymous report about inappropriate or unethical conduct at our corporate headquarters or by any of our subsidiaries.



We also provide for users to email anonymous reports. The Ethics and Compliance Committee meets to review emails, calls, and voicemail messages to address all matters promptly.

GMD wants this to be a user-friendly reporting method, and to ensure that all employees are committed to caring for the company’s resources and their conduct within our organization.

Penalties for Breach of the GMD Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics penalties range from a warning with a copy to the employee’s file to the immediate and final dismissal of the employee from the Group’s companies.

This policy is strictly enforced to help all GMD employees care for our organization since we believe that a sound company will guarantee our business continuity and the well-being of our employees and their families.

The GMD Ethics Decalogue

1   Treat people with dignity, respect, equality, and justice.  
2   Prohibit all types of violence, harassment, or abuse at work.  
3   Put the company’s interests ahead of personal interests.  
4   Work with respect for the environment and promote social improvement in Mexico.  
5   Maintain the confidentiality of all internal GMD and employee affairs.  
6   Relate to customers, suppliers, authorities, and public institutions in a lawful and respectful manner, not accepting or offering cash or in-kind gifts or commissions.  
7   Conduct our business in accordance with the law and with transparency at all times.  
8   Pursue growth based on merit and the added value we bring to GMD.  
9   Balance work and family life.  
10   Comply with the GMD Code of Ethics and policies and procedures at all times.  

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