Cabo Marques   Marina Cabo Marques

Widely regarded as the city's premier marina, this exceptional destination owes its distinguished reputation to its prime location in Puerto Marques Bay and superior surveillance infrastructure.

The nautical marina accommodates boats ranging from 31 to 150 feet LOA, offering 118 tie-down positions across four nautical channels spanning over 80 feet in width and up to 50 feet in depth. It offers first-rate services which include fresh water and electricity connections to vessels, private parking, WiFi and electrical golf buggies for efficient transportation inside the marina compound.

In addition to these amenities, Marina Cabo Marqués also features a dry storage area with 200 positions for boats and nautical equipment, private warehouses and a full launch ramp.


For more information on the products, memberships, and how to experience Cabo Marques Marina, please visit our official website.

The only marina in the Acapulco Zona Diamante.
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