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We are a company that understands the importance of being stewards of our surroundings and have a great sense of social responsibility. We collaborate with various projects producing a social and environmental impact on the regions with the greatest needs and our business activities, in general.

Some examples are as follows:

Cabo Marques

We installed greenhouses with local and endemic species to reforest projects at different construction sites in Cabo Marques. While building the marina, we strictly monitored the water in the bay on a regular basis to ensure that the ecological balance was not affected.

  At GMD, we are committed to the environment; therefore, we promote environmental conservation and protection through our subsidiaries in all of our projects.

The regulations at GMD Resorts in Cabo Marques demanded that all designs and construction processes respect and integrate seamlessly into nature, prohibiting its destruction.

We also respected the natural mountain runoff to ensure that natural flows remained unaffected. We treat all wastewater and recycle it for irrigation.

Isla Zama

This territorial reserve, owned by GMD Resorts, is in the heart of Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo. It extends over 30 acres and protects the area’s biodiversity, filled with mangroves and other species.

Our Divisions

Water and Ecology

At Desarrollos Hidraulicos de Cancun, we treat 100% of wastewater, which is then reintroduced into the water table to ensure the city’s long-term sustainability.


During the development of the Durango-Mazatlán expressway, as with our other projects, we monitored all environmental aspects, including a reforestation plan to mitigate the possible impacts caused by this construction.


Industria Metálica Integrada (IMET) prevents the use of solvent-based paints that release pollutants into the atmosphere when sprayed with pressure equipment, and directly affect the environment. As an alternative, we always use water-based paints that create a much smaller impact.

Energy and Ports

From the design phase of our terminals, we plan out the implementation of the actions and systems required to prevent adverse environmental impacts during their construction and operation.

To ensure this outcome, once the terminal is in operation, its effectiveness is monitored on a regular basis. The conveyor belts used to handle the materials are covered to avoid dispersing dust in high winds.

Rainwater is collected in sedimentation tanks, where it is clarified for use, and we separate the sediments from the material carried by the rain. During the dry season, we use a sprinkler network to sprinkle materials stored in the yards with water from those tanks.

Our foundation supports the following causes
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