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At GMD, we are aware of the importance of education in Mexico and contribute to educational institutions in need of aid. For example, we support the Tecnológico Universitario del Valle de Chalco in providing academic opportunities for low-income youth.

Through a trust established by GMD founder Crescencio Ballesteros Ibarra, we support the Universidad Iberoamericana through the following initiatives:

  We support the education of low-income youth in Valle de Chalco and opened a trust fund to support Universidad Iberoamericana.
  • Departmental Endowed Chairs program.
  • Fellowships for professors to support academic success within and outside of Mexico.
  • Graduate student stipends.
  • Support for professors participating in exchange programs, events, and educational forums sponsored by the university.
  • Specialized equipment for laboratories and workshops.
Our foundation supports the following causes
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