Engineering and construction   Durango-Mazatlán Highway

With a length of 143 miles, Durango-Mazatlan highway facilitates transport between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Coast as part of the Matamoros-Mazatlán corridor, saving four hours of driving time.

In 2008, a consortium led by Grupo Mexicano de Desarrollo, built Sections IV and V of this highway, with a total investment of 1.48 billion Mexican pesos, and a construction time of only 20 months. The project was completed in June 2011.

Our contribution was key on successfully overcoming the enormous challenge of crossing the Sierra Madre Occidental and joining the states of Sinaloa and Durango, which makes it Mexico’s most emblematic road project of its time. 
  The most emblematic highway project today, with an investment of MXN 18 billion, saves four hours of driving time between these two cities.
Engineering and Construction Projects
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