Engineering and construction   Huites Hydroelectric Dam

This facility boasts a capacity of approximately 160 billion cubic feet of water and an annual power generation of 3.696 million KW. It was built in less than three years, and at the time, held various construction records.

It consists of a conventional concrete structure with a height of 545 ft and a crest length of 1,399 ft, built using 3.27 million cubic yards of concrete and nearly 400,000 cubic yards of reinforced concrete, 727 thousand tons of cement and 10,500 tons of steel.

This hydroelectric dam provides crucial benefits to the agricultural communities of Sinaloa, Sonora, and Chihuahua.

The height of the dam’s curtain is 545 feet, nearly as tall as the Latin American Tower in Mexico City.
Project highlights:
  • Powerhouse: At the base of the dam with two Francis-type turbines
  • Unit capacity: 211 MW.
  • Production: 3,696 GWh/year.
  • Maximum flood control volume: 161.37 billion cubic feet
  • Design spillway capacity: 1.05 million cubic feet per second
  • Maximum spillway capacity: 793,000 cubic feet per second.


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