Engineering and construction   Papagayo Bridge

It is a special bridge built over the Papagayo River at Km 42+420 on the Cuernavaca-Acapulco toll expressway and measures 1,033 feet long with a maximum height of 279 feet and width of 66.6 feet. It has four lanes, with four spans over two abutments and three piles; the highest span stands 459 feet tall.

It was built using a “double fin” technique, so named because the bridge deck is built on-site with fins stretching toward the end of both simultaneous work lines, to meet in the middle of the central span.

The fins were built with movable formwork. This bridge is also notable for its central beam made of reinforced concrete to accommodate the longitudinal pre-stressing.

  This unique bridge has four lanes and is 1,033 feet long.
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