Engineering and construction   Eje 5 and Eje 6 Sur Bridges in Mexico City

We built the Trabajadoras Sociales (Eje 6 Sur) and Purísima (Eje 5 Sur) bridges over Río Churubusco Avenue in the Iztapalapa District in Mexico City.

This comprehensive project was part of the Circuito Interior Modernization Program implemented by the Mexico City Government, known as the “Circuito Interior Bicentenario” (Bicentennial Interior Circuit), that was built between July 2008 and August 2009.

We completed the project and started operations two months before the contractual completion date.

It was consistent across the execution of the studies, master plan, and the construction of two vehicular bridges measuring 1,590 feet (Eje 6 Sur) and 1,837 feet (Eje 5 Sur) in length, made with prefabricated concrete columns, metal slabs, a bearing surface for the bridges made out of hydraulic concrete armed with metallic parapets, vehicular bridges, as well as additional and induced projects for MXN 448 million.

Client: Secretaria de Obras y Servicios de la Ciudad de México

The vehicular bridges on Eje 5 and Eje 6 Sur that were part of the Interior Circuit Modernization Program implemented by the Mexico City government.
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